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12 February 2012 @ 08:47 pm

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24 July 2011 @ 04:09 pm

This time it's some arcade games, and... Dragonball coffee? XD;;

 So I went to a big arcade in Akihabara this weekend, and I saw that they had a couple of Dragonball games there!  Other than the handheld games I've never played any of the DB fighting games though, so I had no idea how to play and didn't dare to touch anything. XD;; But I saw some people playing, and it looked pretty cool. The first game I saw was Zenkai Battle Royale: 


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20 July 2011 @ 07:49 pm

Hey, as some of you might know I'm staying in Japan for about five weeks during this summer, and I just wanted to share some Dragonball stuff I've come across while I'm here. This post was triggered by what I saw today, which was three of the dragonboxes (The movies, GT and part 1 of Z)   Found at the Book Off in Shibuya.


Don't these (the original Japanese ones)  go for like, a thousand dollars on eBay? Or at least hundreds? If I had any space left in my suitcase I would have bought them all, because they were not nearly as expensive here! (Book Off sells second hand books and dvds for really cheap)  But sadly I don't have that much space, and even if it's relatively cheap it's still too expensive for a poor student like me. T.T  They did have lots of the single dvds as well, so I just got one of those instead.

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28 May 2011 @ 05:04 pm
For those of you who have deviantart accounts, there's this Dragonball community thats having a traditional art contest. I'm gonna enter and so should you! The rules and more info are HERE

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28 May 2011 @ 02:05 pm
Here's some more news guys:


This was posted in April but what do you guys think?? It's Goku and Gohan speaking about the DBZ movies in white tuxes? Anyone speak Japanese? XD
Further news on the Musical score
Dragonball Kai's Music -- What's Next?
There's been this uncertainty over who's going to voice Cell in Kai. Around the airing of the first episode, I read that Travis Willingham was going to voice him, and Dameon Clarke was not going to reprise the role. Recently, I've read on Twitter and other forums that Clarke is going to reprise his role, but the only thing I can find about that is on Willingham's official page where he's posted Cell as part of his Anime Credits

Has anyone else heard about this? I'm dying to know the truth!!
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28 May 2011 @ 01:23 pm

Now that finals are over, your mods can continue to run our little community here!
For those of you following TeamFourStar's DBZ Abridged series, here's
their latest ep and here's their page to watch the others

And some good news! For those watching DBZ Kai in the US on Nicktoons, they made an announcement that a new episode will premiere on Monday May 30th after a DBZ Kai marathon!


Thanks for sticking by everyone, I swear we still live!

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03 May 2011 @ 11:43 am
Hey everyone,

I'd like to take a second and apologize for being such a crappy moderator. partytimexelent has been posting a lot of stuff on here (thank GOD I didn't do this on my own) and I really appreciate her doing that ; ) I'M GOING TO UP MY GAME I SWEAR

I wanted to ask you guys a question I just thought up while watching this video that van posted recently. You known when Gohan is fighting Android 17/Jinzoningen Junanagou, and he gets punched, red stuff (presumably blood) comes out of his mouth? That's because he was based on a human model, right? He's not 100% cyborg?

We hear more than once that Android 16/Jinzoningen Jurokugou IS in fact, 100% cyborg and is not based on a human model. So why, when Cell crushed his head during the cell games, does like, red stuff (again presumably blood) gush everywhere? Is that supposed to be oil or something? Why would he have blood in him? You can see at 0:33 the blood/oil on the ground (couldn't find a clip where he actually crushes his head... also it's such a kick ass clip)

I mean in Dragonball, Goku fights an android named the full metal jacket affiliated with the Red Ribbon Army. He's a complete cyborg, and when Goku Kamehameha's a hole right through him, there's no blood, just smoke.

Help me out guys, what do you think?

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03 May 2011 @ 08:06 pm
Hey, I come bearing another doujinshi one-shot with a translation. ^^ This one is from the same anthology as last time, "Goku-san, deban desu"  (Goku, it's your turn) by the circle Warau Datenshi. 

Remember the comment Bulma made about the Saiyan's hair not growing during the one year of training in the room of spirit and time? Well, this doujinshi plays with that idea a little bit more.
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01 May 2011 @ 05:38 pm
Hello to everyone! I'm new to this community, even though I've been a fan of DBZ for years. I enjoy writing fanfiction and I make icons, so I'd love to contribute to this community! 

Oh, and I found this survey thing on here a few pages back, so I figured I'd post my version to reveal a bit about myself! :)

1.) Who is you're favorite male character? It's really hard for me to choose between Vegeta and Goku. I can never decide! I love them both. :)

2.) Who is you're favorite female character? Hmm... Android 18, I suppose. I also like Videl.

3.) Which fighting move would you like to have? Probably Vegeta's Big Bang attack. 

4.) Would you ever like to have the ability to fly? OF COURSE.

5.) Which is you're favorite episode? There's so many! I'd have to say that the episode featuring Goku and Vegeta lost in the innards of Buu always kills me. Also, when Piccolo and Goku learn to drive, and Vegeta's sacrifice for his family. And the three epic fights of the entire series: Frieza, Cell, and Buu, of course. I also like Goku's tournament fight with Pikkon.

6.) Have you ever watched Dragonball Z before Kai? DUH.

7.)Have you ever watched Dragonball? Of course.

8.) Have you ever watched Dragonball GT? Yeah...although it never really peaked my fancy.

9.) Have you ever seen Dragonball Abridged? Yes, and it his HIGHlarious.

10.) If I say, "It's over 9000!!!!", how would you react? It was funny for the first few years...But I'd rather focus on Piccolo's dry humor. (He can't figure out his telephone! It kills me)

11.) Do you even know the story over the quote? Uhh, who said it? Piccolo? (just kidding)

12.) Have you ever seen any of the movies? Yep! The Return of Cooler is my favorite. I can't stand Broly.

13.) If you could be any character, who would you be? Man, I don't know... All of the characters go through some shitty stuff... Maybe Videl? Her dad's a joke, but he's at least provided a pretty comfortable life for her. I'm not the biggest fan of Gohan, either, but hey, I would have no problem admiring Goku from afar. ;P

14.) Do you know what race Mr. Popo is? Lol, I actually don't.

15.) Do you know how many dragonballs there are? 7. On Earth, anyway.

16.) Do you know who Shenron is? Of course. Everybody would still be dead without him.

17.) Do you think Vegeta loves Bulma? Yes, I am a believer.

18.) Did you ever like Maron when Krillin introduced her? >.< Never has a character made me as angry as her.

19.) Who's you're favorite bad guy? Perfect Cell, for sure. He's so haughty and arrogant, and I love his voice.


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Haven't seen any vids posted here yet, so I hope this is okay. I finished my first DBZ music video and thought I'd share here. I looked for a DBZ AMV comm, or even a general AMV comm and didn't see anything, so if you guys know where else on LJ I should crosspost this, let me know. I know the song is a bit overvidded, but I hope you'll enjoy it anyway! Let me know what you think, please--I hope to enter it in the FanimeCon AMV contest next month.

On YouTube
Title: My Shadow
Fandom: Dragonball Z
Song: Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Artist: Green Day
Length: 4:10
Vidder: Van Donovan / van
Notes: Thanks to intrepidy and phantasmrose for help/betas.
Warning: Spoilers for the "History of Trunks" special/bits of the Cell Saga, if you care about that.
Summary: In a world ravaged by killer androids, lone fighter Son Gohan is constantly shadowed by a young boy named Trunks who hopes to someday to become a great fighter like Gohan and put the androids away for good. Things don't go exactly according to plan.

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